Who is the estrend sports?
Estrend Sport, Professional Fitness Equipment operating in Eskisehir, production, sales and marketing of the factory.

Estrend Sport was founded when, when production began?
In business since 2004, our company has been producing Professional Fitness Equipment, technology and renews itself continuously to keep up.

How can I buy your products?
Our products; At the bottom of our product catalog, located on the top menu and side menu "offer want" can be ordered by clicking on or by phone.


Is the description of the product on your site?
By clicking on the product names, you can have detailed information about the product.

Can I remove the product information from the printer?
You can also print by clicking the Print button at the bottom of the product names.

I would like to receive more information about this product. What should I do?
Below is an explanation of the bottom of the product. However, you can get further information by calling us on the phone or email.

I want to offer my e-mail address does not come back?
E-mail your vacation week (Saturday-Sunday) or 08:00 - 18:00 If you are sent outside working hours, on the first working day of the week and wait until our working hours. Although you would expect a response in the event of absence, please contact us by telephone or email. Also in your email box "spam" or "junk mail" Do not forget to check your inbox.

Can I get a dealership Estrend Sport site?
Our company offers its own franchises.

While reviewing your site which browser should I choose?
Google Chrome our site, Mozilla Firefox, please visit intern Explorer as the browser.